Members by Classification

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* indicates Rule of 85 Members

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Accounting Services, Retired
Bill North*
Air Cond, Plumb, Elect Service
Skip Stanton
Aqua AC-Plbg-Elec Services
Appraiser, Art
Francine DiFilippo
Contact Francine
Appraiser, County Property
Bill Furst*
Contact Bill
Appraiser, Real Estate Retired
Steven Stegall
Contact Steven
Ken Dean
Schenkel Shultz, Architects---Contact Ken
Betty Griggs*
Arts Administration
Richard Russell
Sarasota Opera
Don Bruns
John Jakes*
Steve Cork
Conctact Steve
Auto Repairs
Rob Kerwin
Automotive Sales
Jay Riggs
Suncoast Exotics
Bob Stobaugh, III
Fifth Third Bank- - -Contact Bob
Sandy Moser
BB&T Bank
Banking, Wealth Management
Roque, Jim
SunTrust- - -Contact Jim
Bob Summers
Seaside National Bank and Trust Bank- -Contact Bob
Business Development
Laura Randall
Economic Development Corporation
Certified Public Accountant
Laura Plum
Plum & Company
Certified Public Accountant
Dan Smith
Miles & Thirion---Contact Dan
Children's Services
Bill Sadlo
Boys and Girls Club of Sarasota
Richard Klein
Contact Rabbi Richard L. Klein
Commercial Realtor
Peter Bartys
Community Service
Rick Hughes
Goodwill Industries
Construction, General
Joe Formella
Formella Construction, LLC.
Construction, General
Jon Swift*
Jon R. Swift, Inc
Ron Rayevich
Construction Consultant
Lee-En Chung
Contact Lee-En
Tim Herring
Contact Tim
Dentist, Retired
Helina Kay
Contact Helina
Roy Adams
Lois Schaper
Contact Lois
Peggy Cork
Contact Peg
Engineer, Mechanical, Retired
Bill Segraves
Engineer, Mechanical, Retired
Jim Henry*
Contact Jim
Engineer, Structural
Bill Jotham
Structural Connections,Inc.
Executive Coaching, Communications Skills Consulting
Andrea Nierenberg
Nierenberg Consulting Group
Financial Advisor
Sarah Lodge
Certified Financial Planner - Contact Sarah
Jeff Meyer
Contact Jeff
Financial Advisor
JP Gobic
Contact JP
Financial Consultant
Sean Skinner
Contact Sean
Financial Planning
Charles Alkire
Alkire Financial
Fund Raising, Retired
Suellen Field
Contact Suellen
Graphic Designer
Susan Leavis
Contact Susan
Gourmet Italian Feasts
Robert Gaglio
Ciao Bella Productions - - -Contact Bob
Health and Human Services
Robyn Faucy
Neuro Challenge Foundation---Contact Robyn
Healthcare Marketing
Peter Manley
Higher Education, Retired
Ana Bartys*
Contact Annie
Highway Construction
Fred Derr*
Frederick Derr & Company
Hotel Manager
Navid Kichi
Ramada Inn
Insurance, Underwriter
Vicente Medina
Advanced Insurance
Insurance and Benefits
Drew Adams
Contact Drew
Immigration Consulting, Paralegal
Jan Maarten Meckman
Contact Maarten
Insurance, Medical
Mark Lawrie
Contact Mark
Jewelry, Retail
Mike Melnick
Armel Jewelers---Contact Mike
Law, Attorney
Eric Christiansen
Contact Eric
Law, Commercial
Joel Walters
Walters Levine Klingensmith & Thomison
Law, Elder Law
Steve Ellis
Contact Steve
Law, Enforcement, Retired
Joan Verizzo
Law, Family and Mediation
Ralph Friedland
Sarasota Law Mediation
Law, Personal Injury
Dan Dannheisser
Paderewski, Dannheiser and Flaherty, PA
Law, Real Estate
David Bowman, Jr.
Bowman, George, Scheb, & Toale
Long Term Care Administrator
Joe Devore
Plymouth Harbor---Contact Joe
Mailing and Shopping Services
Donna D'Agostino*
James (Jim) Marsey
Contact Jim
George Handley
Contact George
Marine Sciences
Kumar Mahadevan
Mote Marine Laboratory---Contact Kumar
Suzi Norbeck
Contact Suzi
Ethan Frizzell
Salavation Army---Contact Ethan
Newspaper Columnist
Dorothy Pratt
Ophthalmologist, Eye Missionary
Caridad Santos
Contact Caridad
Orthopedic Surgeon, Retired
George Straschnov*
Physician - Ear, Nose, & Throat
Dick Rehmeyer
Contact Dr. Rehmeyer
Physician - Infectious Disease & Pain Managment
Jack LeFrock
Contact Dr. LeFrock
Physician, Psychiatry
Parlane Reid
Contact Parlane
Physician - Urologist, Retired
Len Apfelbach*
Prescription Services
Samantha Hobbs
Contact Samantha (941) 927-3600
Bob Stone
MinuteMan Press
Project Executive - IBM; Lockheed-Martin
Nick Rossi
Contact Nick
Property Managment, Retired
Jayne Cory*
Contact Jayne
Real Estate Broker International
Peggy Mock
Contact Peggy
Real Estate, Commercial
Ben Bates
Real Estate Development
Howard Rooks
Real Estate, International
Jo Rutstein
Southeby's International Realty
Realtor, International
Klaus Lang
Michael Saunders---Contact Klaus
Real Estate, Residential
Barb Pratt
Coldwell Banker---Contact Barb
Residential Care
Scott Eller
Contact Scott
Paul Mlotok
Contact Paul
Social Worker
Charlotte Ryan
Robin Bardo
If Textiles Could Talk
Therapist, Mental Health
Heather Gillon
Contact Heather
Tour Director
Peggy Williams
Shell Collecting Trips
Travel Consultant
Gene Rose*
Wildlife Conservation
David Pilston
Save our Seabirds
Youth Services, Retired
Larry Leiving*